Inspired work is self-centred as it (and you) should be

Many people work for the wrong reasons. Some of the more common motivators are validation and service to others. That last one may have made you pause. What’s wrong with service to others you might ask? Typically, this is idealized as a virtue. But many who want to “help others” are not as altruistic as they might seem. The reason why many want to serve others is so that they can feel good about themselves. This is being in service to “get” instead of to “give”. It’s the wrong way around. 

Other-centred service

If we feel incomplete within ourselves, we will seek out others in need and find ways to meet their needs so that we may have an improved sense of our own self. I refer to this as other-centred service. It is out of compassion because your fulfillment is derived from needing someone else to change. When you focus solely on serving others, you disconnect from your inner source of energy and eventually you will become depleted. You will begin to resent the others and your work.

Self-centred service

Self-centred service is when you work for yourself. I’m not referring to self-employment, I mean that your work is a way to connect with your own source. To stand in your own wholeness. You become so in love with who you are that you exist as an open vessel for life-force energy to flow through you into the world. This is what inspiration is. When you focus on maintaining this connection with yourself, you have an endless supply of energy with which to give. You can transmute that energy into the forms of ideas, creations, and offerings. These are the basis of your inspired work. 

To live in your inspired work is to be in true compassion, because you release others from the burden of needing to “change” or “transform” so that you feel good. They are free to be exactly who they are. They may be able to receive your energy, or not. That’s truly up to them. But for you to stand centred in your truth, knowing your own wholeness, and giving of yourself, is all you need to do. Now you’re working for the right reasons – for you. And now you’re in your highest service to others.

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