Determine your
Life Purpose

Thursday, August 22nd at 9:30 a.m. PDT

Without purpose, it can feel as though we are lost adrift in a sea of meaninglessness. We all want to know we exist for a reason, and many of us spend much of our lives seeking that reason to no avail. If we are asking ourselves the “wrong” questions, we will never arrive at a satisfying answer. However, with the “right” question we can finally arrive at clarity of purpose.

When we live aligned with our purpose, we are guided by our own truth, inspired to move into action, and able to show up in all facets of our lives as our authentic selves. 

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn the one question that will help you determine your purpose
  • Craft an inspiring purpose statement
  • Realize true meaning in your work

If you’ve been seeking the work that will bring meaning to your life, this workshop will help you find your answer to the one question that will end your search once and for all.

Once your search ends, you can finally get on with living on purpose.

End your search for meaning 

Join this insightful workshop and gain clarity about your purpose in work and in life.

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Meet the creator of The New School for Inspired Work

If we haven’t met before, hello! My name is Kiley and I’ve been helping people create meaning in their work for well over a decade.

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