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Hi, I’m Kiley.

I love questions. I seem to have a knack for asking the right questions, but there’s one I don’t love being asked – what do you do? When I am faced with that question, I always have to take a deep breath before responding. It is challenging to explain to most others that my only real work is to be inspired. I have a slightly (very) different definition of work than is commonly used in our society.

I see work as an opportunity to rediscover and live into the truth of who we are.

Many humans muddle through life based on a distorted story about themselves. They believe they are lacking. They believe they are unworthy. They believe they are insignificant. They believe they are powerless. They use their work as an attempt to prove otherwise. I know because for a long time (far too long), this was also “what I did”. Now I know myself better.

When we release those wounded (and untrue) stories, we free ourselves to be who we really are. We live into stories of abundance, worthiness, significance, and empowerment. And of inspiration, let’s not forget inspiration. From there, work becomes a vehicle to create ways to do things that allow us to be who we are.

The New School for Inspired Work is not “what I do”, it is a container through which I share who I am with the world.

If you still want to know what I do, I do a lot of things. I hike in the forest every day. I see people as who they really are. I write environmental stewardship plans. I coach people to clarity. I engineer processes. I lead outdoor adventures. I advocate for community economic development. I explore my own consciousness. I design games. I teach about inspired work. But none of these activities fully encapsulates the wholeness of me. They are simply how I show up in the world when I’m being me.

So when you and I meet, you will never hear me ask you what do you do, but I will ask a lot of questions to discover who you really are. I can’t imagine what else my work would be for.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to discover your real work.

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A school for people to discover their gifts and to share them with the world

A school is a metaphor for a “place of discovery”. It would be easy to say that the idea for this particular school appeared one day over brunch, but the truth of it is that it was an idea that was a long time in its becoming.

Prior to the inception of this business, I had been questioning the purpose of my life for years. It was a query that invited me on a journey of self-exploration in the hopes to discover who I was and what was the real work I was here to do in the world. At that time, I was teaching business, however, I felt I had a more expansive contribution to make, but I wasn’t sure exactly what it was or how to figure it out. In search of clarity, I ventured down many different paths and sought to gain insight from others whose work inspired me.

One of those people was the educationist Ken Robinson. It was his book I was reading one fateful Sunday as I waited for my brunch date to arrive. I was nestled into a comfy restaurant booth, warmed by the morning sun and completely absorbed in his writings when suddenly, my whole world began to spin. It was a sentence in the book that made me dizzy, it read:

“There are no schools for people to discover their gifts.”

I sat back in my seat a little stunned. My heart raced. I knew in that moment that this was exactly what I was going to create.

From where I now stand, it’s easy to look back and see that it was an idea that had been forming over a long period of time, but it was in that moment when my next steps crystallized. And without knowing where they were going to lead me, I took them. I set forth on an adventure to bring this business to life and it has been an unfolding journey of inspiration beyond that which I could comprehend at the time.

Now my invitation is for you to allow the school to support you on your own journey of self-exploration in your desire for meaningful work and making your greater contribution. This is what The New School for Inspired Work is – a place where you discover your gifts and create work that allows you to share them with the world.

I look forward to seeing you here.


Learn how to discover your gifts

I want to share my gifts with you 

When we work from a place of being in our strengths, others benefit by receiving our gifts.
These are but a few of the many gifts I have to give to you. 


I perceive patterns. When you speak of the different aspects of your life, I can sense the relationship between them. I see them as pieces of a bigger puzzle. I help you put the pieces together so you can clearly see the big picture.


I like to explore at depth. To go deep into the terrain of your inner being. Within yourself, you have all the wisdom and knowledge you have ever needed, it’s just that you may temporarily forgotten. You will remember.


I have enormous capacity for building structure that allows you to freely explore your own ideas. I love to create processes that move people forward. If you are stuck, I can get you unstuck and back into the flow of your own life.

Being heard

Listening is my superpower. I have an incredible ability to hear what you are saying at all levels, and sometimes more importantly, I hear what you are not saying. Being heard doesn’t always mean you have to speak. I see you, too.


I have a sixth sense for truth-telling. When you do and say things that are in alignment with your truth, I feel it as energy flowing through my whole being. Tingles are a sure sign you are onto something amazing.


I live in a world of possibility. We all do. There is no limitation that cannot be expanded into new potentials. It’s just a matter of whether you are focused on limitation or expansion. (Hint: I choose expansion.)

Realize your dreams

I bring ideas from conception to reality. Within you are seeds of ideas that are the potentials of your dreams. I help you plant those seeds in fertile ground and nurture them until they blossom into a fruitful life.

Love for yourself

I care. A whole lot. About you. About humanity. About the world we live in. I am often moved to tears with appreciation for the brilliance of who you truly are. Bring tissue, you probably will be, too.

Ooh, yes please, I’d like to receive my gifts

I wasn’t always clear about who I am and what I have to offer

In fact, I felt lost in a fog.

For years I coasted along doing work I was pretty good at. Secretly, my heart and soul longed for more. I wasn’t sure exactly what that “more” was, I just knew I was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with where I was.

One day, I shared a story with a friend about how I had studied engineering at university and how much I enjoyed creating processes. “I miss that part of myself,” I told him. It caused me to pause. I wondered, if I were missing that part of myself, what other parts of myself were not being given the opportunity to show up in my work? This was an important question. It led to many other questions.

Up until that time, I had just gone along with society’s idea of work. I got up. I worked. I got paid. I enjoyed my life outside of work (kind of). That was about the sum total of my relationship with work, but I became aware that there was much more to it than I was giving it credit. I decided to revisit my entire concept of work and explore the potentials it held. As I expanded what I knew was possible, my frustration only intensified as without a clear path forward, I continued to feel stuck where I was.

Eventually, I came to understand what was causing me to be stalled in my search. I was looking in the wrong place for the answers. I had been looking out into the world of work to find out where I belonged. When all along, what I was actually seeking was within myself. It was not about finding work, it was about discovering who I was and choosing the contribution I wanted to make through my work. This shift from looking outside to within brought the clarity I so desired and opened up a path where I could move forward.

In my exploration I came to realize two things about the work I had been doing previously: one, it held no meaning for me and two, it did not feel aligned with who I really am. These sources of irritation were significant because they pointed me to the work I was so clearly designed to offer. In the uncovering of myself, I learned that I have a natural talent for helping people to create work that is both meaningful and aligned with who they are. This is inspired work.

Inspired work is when what you do is aligned with who you are.

I began to imagine a world where everyone was doing the work that was an expression of their true selves. I could see this beautiful world was possible. With this vision, I recreated my entire life.

It was a challenging journey for me to get here. I very much want your journey to be filled with more ease, more joy, and more clarity. Part of the reason I created my inspired work is to be able to offer my gifts in service to you. So now I invite you to allow me to support you in discovering, creating, and living your inspired work.

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People say the loveliest things

I am so fortunate to be able to work with incredible heart-centred humans.

“Working with Kiley helped me create work that stemmed directly from my passion. She is so much more than a coach; she’s an intuitive guide who helped me transform my heart into heart-led work.”

Kim McMullen

Girl in the Wild

“Thank you so much for the tools you have given me and more importantly for your support, Kiley. I am now getting to my deeper being, to who I really am, what I want, and how I want to show up in the world.”

Paige Royal

Pura Vida Performance

“Thank you for being an inspiration in my life. You have reminded me of my own gifts, and that makes me a better being. Thank you for the love you have shared with me, I promise it will be passed on in my work.”

Sherry Akef

Seeded Nutrition

Your gifts are needed.

When you create work that allows you to give your gifts, your work becomes meaningful and fulfilling to you. It has the lovely side effect that you are also in your highest service to others.

Learn how to discover your gifts and share them with the world.

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