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We are entering into a new era of work. We are changing how we work and, more importantly, we are changing what we do for work and why. In this evolution, our work must be grounded in purpose, expansive in vision, and allow us to be our true selves – the person we came into this lifetime to be.

If you want to show up in the world in a brighter way, make your valuable contribution, and live a life that is meaningful and fulfilling to you, then you are invited to discover, create, and live your inspired work.


Get clear about who you are here to be and the real work you are here to do. Remember who you are.


Create work aligned to who you are and share your unique gifts. Dream yourself big.


Move into inspired action and transform your dreams into your reality. Bring your work to life.

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Exploratory Class | 1 hour

Vision Light

Light up the path to discovering, creating, and living your inspired work.

In this self-guided online class, you will:

  • Make the shift from work to inspired work – it will change everything
  • Explore who you are here to be and what you are here to do
  • Gain insight into the significance of your inspired work
  • Learn the step-by-step path you can walk to get clear about the real work you are here to bring into this new world
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Immersive Program | 20 weeks

Vision Program

Embark on a profound inner journey to bring who you are into the world through discovering, creating, and living your inspired work.

In this guided online program, you will:

  • Transform your limiting beliefs about work
  • Reconnect with your own inner wisdom
  • Reclaim work as an act of love, towards yourself and others
  • Determine your life purpose
  • Clarify your vision for your work and for the world
  • Identify your unique strengths and valuable gifts
  • Dream up the work that only you can bring forth
  • Develop a pilot project and begin the iterative process of creating your inspired work
  • Build support and community around your work
  • Offer your inspired work to the world
  • Celebrate your commitment to living your inspired life
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Membership Community | Monthly

Visionary Creators Connective

A space for visionaries to be supported in their creative journey. Celebrate your wins. Honour your failures. Stay inspired and bring your work to life.

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What people are saying

And they’re not just saying it, they are living it.

“The Vision Program helped me discover the difference between work and inspired work. Realizing the difference literally changed my life!”

Tanya Bryant

Breathing Space Bodywork

“I highly recommend the Vision Program to anyone who is ready to explore the deepest parts of themselves and step into what they are meant to be doing.”

Melanie O’Leary

Soul Sanctuary

“I am THRIVING! I have absolutely fallen in love with the work I am doing, and every fibre of my body is telling me that I am on the right path.”

Kelly Blanchard

We Are Kin Ecotherapy

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