Vision Light 

An exploratory class to shine light on the path to discovering, creating, and living your inspired work.

Make the journey from work to inspired work.

You are not here just to earn a living. You are here to live with vision, to share your gifts, and to make your valuable contribution to the world.

If you’ve been searching for the work that provides meaning and fulfillment to you, yet you still feel a little in the dark about how to figure out what that is, let this class help you light the way.

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You are not here to work for a living.

You are here to live your inspired work.

Too many people spend their lives doing work they have not consciously chosen. They submit to it as being necessary or even a “necessary evil”. They tolerate it simply because that’s what they’ve been taught to do. Even when their experience is agonizing, they rarely question the purpose of work or why they do it at all. I know because this also used to be my story.

Many of us move through our lives without questioning our concept of work. Most see it as what we do to earn money, however, this is a limited perspective of work.

Work is not meant to be how we merely survive in this world, its potential is to be how we shine the wholeness of who we are in this world.

In recent years, it has become even more obvious that our society needs to reinterpret its ideas about work. Currently, we exist in a strange in-between place in the history of humanity where our old systems are dismantling yet we’ve barely begun to build the new. We no longer want to work as we did before, but we are not yet clear about what to do next. This is where I come in. I want to ignite within you a whole new possibility for your work that is more aligned with who you are now.

“Working from home” is more than just a location, it means that work is the place where we feel most at home in ourselves. This is the gift of work. It is a path for each of us to return to the truth of who we are. And instead of work just being a way to earn a living, it is how we live with vision, share our gifts, and make our valuable contribution to the world.

If you are ready to live into a new paradigm of work, let this class be your guiding light to help you start looking in the right direction – within yourself. When you connect with who you really are, you feel lit up from within, this is what it is to be inspired. And with your newfound radiance, you will be able to see the way to discovering, creating, and living your inspired work.

Your work is meant to light you up.

I’m ready to shine


\ ˈlīt \

Definition of light

: something that makes vision possible
: a noteworthy person in a particular place or field
: spiritual illumination

Ignite your inner light

In this class, you are going to shift the view away from the landscape of the outer world and peer into the terrain of your own inner being.

You will begin to see that your real work is more than you have ever imagined it to be. And that your role in our newly-evolving world is more important than you may have considered. You have a unique and valuable contribution to make. This is your inspired work.


When you shift your perspective, you move from: 

Belief in scarcity ••• LIVING IN POSSIBILITY

Where have all the good jobs gone? Are you worried you are going to get stuck doing work you don’t really want to do? Does it seem like there are many people already doing what you think you want to do and you don’t know why you doing it would add any value to the world? Scarcity comes from looking outside of ourselves. When we look within we realize we are free to do whatever we desire.

What is possible is that you just haven’t created your inspired work yet. Because that’s actually what you are here to do.

Self-doubt ••• SELF-TRUST

One of my mentors said it best, “Your self-doubt is indulgent.” It keeps you playing small and from giving the gifts you are here to give. Oy. Perhaps being small used to serve you. It might have been a safe place to be. But we cannot play small and live our inspired work at the same time. We are required to show up in the world in a bigger way. To know our value. To be all that we are.

You may have doubted yourself before because you were listening to everyone else’s voice, but there’s no doubt that it’s time for you to trust your own. You are here to play a much bigger game.

Your head ••• YOUR HEART

If you feel confused about what to do for work, it’s likely you are trying to figure it all out in your mind. Our minds serve a very necessary role in our lives, but guiding us in the decisions that result in inspired work is not it. That’s the gift of our hearts.

When we stop answering to the noisy musings of our minds and start receiving the subtle guidance from our hearts, that’s when clarity arises. And when our true love for life begins.


Are you ready to explore?

Whenever we’re about to start a new journey, the hardest part always is to take the first step out the door. Or in this case, through the doorway into your own inner being.

Yes, I'm good to go

I’m here to shine my light, too

Hiya! If we haven’t met before, my name is Kiley. I look a little tousled here, that’s because I’m outside doing one of my favourite things, which is hiking in the forest. It’s pretty much how I look most of the time, even when I’m at work. I don’t do “done up” very often. In fact, I am an encourager of becoming undone. I used to be far too uptight. I used to take life far too seriously. I was too caught up in my head and not living from my heart and soul. Thankfully, all that changed. This transformation was a part of my personal journey from just doing work for a living to actually living my inspired work.

I feel invigorated by outdoor adventures, however, where I truly shine is exploring the deepest reaches of our inner beings. In that realm, I feel the most lit up. I am amazing at leading others through their dark places and back into their light. This is the work I am here to share with you.

I want you to know that I take our work together seriously, but I’m not a serious person. I laugh easily. I’ve been told I laugh “kinda loud, but in the best way”. In the way that when you hear me from somewhere deep in the forest, or across the brew pub, you know you want to be a part of the conversation. I hope you’ll join me in this class about inspired work, I’m confident we will have an enlightening exchange.

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Kiley, you create, you inspire, you love, and you shine bright, like a guiding light in the dark night.

Sherry Akef

Kiley, thank you for being you and for helping me grow into myself more fully and completely, and for lighting the way on this journey of articulating my vision.

Miel Richtscheid

I am so grateful to you, Kiley, for your school and for your vision to guide others towards their inspired life.

Emily Williams

What you will see in this class

In this one-hour, self-guided class, you will walk yourself through a series of short and impactful lessons intended to help you shift your awareness from simply doing work for a living to the joy of living your inspired work.

  • An easy-to-navigate online learning platform. Gain instant access to all the class materials including recommended videos, recorded lectures, downloadable worksheets, plus a special offer at the end of the class.
  • Video and audio-recorded lessons. Listen to receive deeper insights and broader understanding about the class content.
  • Exploratory exercises. Reflect upon thoughtful self-exploratory questions to help you gain clarity.
  • Downloadable map. Designed so that you can use it to record your personal discoveries as you make your journey living into your inspired work.

What I expect you to truly see is you.

Illuminate what’s possible for you and your work

When you transition from just doing work for a living to actually being who you are in the world for work, it opens up unlimited potentials for your life. The best part is that you already are everything you need to be and you already know everything you need to know – you just have to remember how to live it.

After this class, you will:
Embrace a new paradigm for your work.
Realize the missing piece to your inspired work.
Know the signficance of the real work you are here to do.
Hold a map that will lead you to living your inspired work.

Shine light on the path to
discovering, creating, and living
your inspired work

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Vision Light


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  • Shift your perspective from work to inspired work and light up your life
  • Explore who you are here to be and what you are here to do
  • Understand the significance of your inspired work
  • Learn the step-by-step path to getting clear about the real work you are here to do in this new world

Your inspired work starts here.

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