Vision Program

An immersive journey to discover, create, and live your inspired work.

Create work that is the truest expression of who you are.

You are here to live with vision, to share your gifts, and to make a valuable contribution. If you don’t know exactly what these look like in your own life, the Vision Program is designed to help you get clear.

Discover who you are here to be, what you are here to do, and actually start living it.

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I went on the journey of the Vision Program and...

“For the first time in my life I feel as though I can be myself at work. The program helped me reframe my entire concept of what work even is. I now have a true understanding of my value in the world and how I will contribute through my work. I also know and like myself more. The program opened my eyes and my heart to parts of myself that I had rejected for a long time. This experience has been deeply transformative.”

Rebecca Eames

This is not about finding a job.

This is about remembering who you are and creating work that allows you to be all of who you are.


Sadly, you, like many others, have probably been conditioned away from being who you are. Do you ever remember being asked at school what it is that makes you so amazing? Most of our formal education is about training us to believe that we came into this world lacking and that without the knowledge and skills we learn in school, we have nothing of value to offer the world. This could not be further from the truth. And could not be leading you further away from the magnificence of who you really are.

The truth is that each of us comes into this world whole and complete with an extensive repertoire of qualities and abilities that given the opportunity to apply them, we would astonish even ourselves with our own brilliance.

I’m here to encourage you to embrace what you know to be true – that you have a vision to live, gifts to give, and a valuable contribution to make. I am also here to remind you that you already are everything you need to be and you already have everything you need to bring forth your inspired work.

If you have forgotten who you are, the Vision Program will help you remember.

As you journey to realize who you came into this lifetime to be, you will create work that allows you to be you all of who you are. Not only will you become inspired by your own work, you will become an expression of inspiration itself.

It’s time to remember who you really are.


I’m ready to remember

If you feel a little lost,
you have found your way
to the right place. 

Does any of this feel familiar? 

You feel scattered.

You keep walking yourself in circles trying to figure out what you’re supposed to be doing for work. You feel pulled in a jumble of directions, but you are uncertain if any of them are the right one. Bah.

You feel stuck.

You are stuck in between two worlds. You no longer want to do the work you’ve been doing, but you don’t know what to do next. You can’t go back, but you don’t know how to move forward. Argh.

You feel numb.

You can’t remember the last time you felt excited about your work. You lost hope that’s even a possibility. Instead of yearn for what you truly desire and feel at a loss, you decided not to feel much at all. Meh.

You feel frustrated.

You know you are meant to do more with your work – with your life – but you’re just not sure what that “more” is or how to figure it out. Sigh.

You feel disheartened.

You are tired of doing work that is meaningless to you. You feel you are wasting your life doing work that fulfills no real purpose. Ouch.

You feel uninspired.

Your old stories of work are so tiresome, they are draining the life out of you, yet you don’t have the energy to write a new story. Gulp.

There’s a very good reason why you’ve been feeling this way

You have been trying to find answers out in the world...

  • Aimlessly searching for the “right job”, while draining your energy about being stuck in the “wrong job”
  • Asking yourself what am I supposed to be doing with my life?
  • Acquiring more skills and knowledge through training programs, certifications, and degrees, thinking that these are what will give you value
  • Continually changing jobs or careers, hoping each new situation will provide the satisfaction you seek

However, these actions will never bring you the clarity you desire because it is seeking answers in the wrong place – outside of yourself. Your work isn’t out there. To discover your inspired work you must look within yourself.

... when what you have been searching for is within.

Clarity comes from doing the deep inner work of remembering who you are.

  • Your own internal guidance system knows exactly where you want to go and the most rewarding path to get there
  • You were born with unique strengths and gifts that when offered in your work, you experience your inherent worthiness
  • Everything you have already lived has set you up perfectly to create work that provides opportunity to be in true service to others and to the world
  • Tap into your creator self and bring forth work from the unlimited potentials that exist for your joy and satisfaction

Your inspired work is such an expression of who you are, it does not yet exist – it is your role to create it.

The Vision Program takes an “inside-out” approach to work

Most career exploration programs focus on an “outside-in” approach to work. They look into the world for jobs or careers that already exist and try to fit you into the box of some predetermined role. The problem with this approach is those roles often do not allow for the full expression of who you are. If you have ever had to suppress, deny, or ignore any part of who you are to do your work, you will know that this is not a pathway to long-term satisfaction or fulfillment.

The Vision Program goes beyond career exploration and reaches deep into your being. It integrates the often-overlooked aspect of career exploration, which is the “inner work” of work. Most of the barriers to doing work we love actually come from our internal landscape. We carry limiting beliefs, wounded stories, lack mindset, and worthiness issues that are clouding our natural clarity. When we peel back the layers of these false identities, we can finally see the truth of who we are. From there we connect with our own inspiration, which allows us to see our unlimited potentials. Those ideas are the seeds from which we create work that is evolutionary in nature. It grows with us as we grow. To be able to fully express all of ourselves in our work is the pathway to never-ending satisfaction and fulfillment.

Your inspired work comes from within who you are.

You are at the centre of your vision

It’s called the Vision Program because in this process you will create a true vision, which becomes your core guiding principle. And not just for this journey, but for your entire life. Your vision is your personal beacon, your guiding light. It illuminates the unfolding path of your work because it informs every choice you make. Your vision is expressed as the world you want to live in, however, you must radiate it from within yourself. To clarify your vision, you have to get to the truth of who you are.

An intentionally-created framework to support your inner exploration

The Vision Program offers a well-thought out structured framework that allows you to freely explore within yourself without getting stuck in the process. As the program progresses, so does your clarity. Instead of being taught information, you will be asked to access your own knowingness and come to realization about your own answers. As one participant said, “The program asked the perfect thought-provoking questions that helped me move in the direction that made me say, ‘Yes! This feels right!’”

This 20-week immersive program is comprised of three modules:

Vision 1: Discovering
your inspired work

Connect with your deepest purpose and your highest vision for your life.


Vision 2: Creating
your inspired work

Know what you have to offer and the work you will create.


Vision 3: Living
your inspired work

Develop your unique offering and share it with the world.


Each of the above three modules is made up of six weekly sessions plus an integration session in between each module. Each session is specifically themed and builds progressively throughout the modules leading you to the outcomes of the program.

Learn more about the modules

“I have gone from being a scared and deeply insecure dreamer hoping to exist in a way I couldn’t quite yet verbalize, to coming to a place within myself where I am deeply rooted and at peace, and also alive with the fire of how it feels to finally be doing work that allows me to just BE exactly who I am.”

Katie Buemann

If you commit to this journey,
you will find your way.

Imagine this is how you feel.

You feel clear.

You know exactly why you are here, what you’re going to do, and you are thrilled to be living it. Yes!

You feel momentum.

You can see your way forward and you’ve already started walking your own path. Giddyup!

You feel excited.

You look forward to work every day. It gives you energy and you are amazed how good it feels. Zing!

You feel delighted.

You are aware of all the potentials that exist for you and your work and you know which one you’re going to realize first. Yippee!

You feel lighthearted.

You are lit up with purpose. Your life is rich with meaning and your work is part of creating a brighter future for everyone. Laaaa!

You feel inspired.

You can finally breathe deeply. You are living a new story for your life and the energy is pouring through you into the world. Woohoo!

The Vision Program provides the resources you will need for your journey

  • An easy-to-navigate online learning platform. Each week, you receive access to the session materials including recommended videos, podcast lectures, downloadable worksheets, and homework assignments.
  • LIVE weekly group coaching sessions. Join online Zoom calls to be guided through the exercises and go deeper into the program materials.
  • Access to recorded sessions. Words of wisdom frequently arise during dialogues in the live calls, so they are recorded to capture these gems.
  • Video and audio-recorded lessons. Listen to receive deeper learning and broader understanding about each of the exercises and homework assignments.
  • Exploratory exercises. The majority of the work you will do on your own is to be with the self-reflective questions presented in each session. We discuss them in further detail during the live coaching sessions.
  • Practical homework assignments. The weekly homework assignments provide a more active learning experience to help integrate the core themes of the program.
  • Private community forum. Benefit from the shared experience of your fellow adventurers.

Pack your bag and get ready to go on the adventure of your lifetime.


I’m in, where do I sign up?

Allow me to be your guide

If we’ve not met before, my name is Kiley. That’s me taking in the spectacular view during an alpine hike high in the Selkirk Mountains. Truth be told, I’m much more at ease exploring the depths of my soul than I am being up in the mountains. I believe the inner terrain is the place where I was born to play.

I’ve been guiding people in their own deep inner exploration for well over a decade now. Actually, I’ve been doing it my whole life, however, I wasn’t always as clear as I am now that this is part of my magic. To arrive at this awareness required a lengthy and arduous journey to discover my own inspired work. As a result, I created the Vision Program to help people have a much smoother passage to finding what they’ve been searching for, which is themselves.

See, the thing is, this whole time you’ve been seeking answers about your work, when actually what you’ve been looking for is you. Ooh, I get goosebumps as I write that. That’s how I know it’s the magic. The truth speaks in tingles.

I want you to view the journey of discovering your work as the journey back to the truth of who you are. When you are connected with who you really are, then you are free to create work that is the truest expression of you. And I promise you, that’s the most inspired work there is.

So, if this sounds like a place you’d like to go, I’d love to go with you. It’s my favourite kind of adventure.

Let’s go!

Here’s an itinerary of our trip, I’ve mapped it out. 

Vision 1: Discovering your inspired work

To discover your inspired work requires you to fall in love with yourself, which all depends on the story of who you think you are. Only from your personal truth can you determine a meaningful purpose for your life and an extraordinary vision for your work.

Session 1 

Transforming limiting beliefs
  • Identify your limited beliefs about work and transform them into possibilities.
  • Declare, beyond limits, what you want for your life.

Session 2

Reclaiming work as an act of love
  • Reconceive your entire idea of work as an act of love towards yourself and others.
  • Write a new fantastical story of work – and believe it to be true.

Session 3

Feeling inspired
  • Revive your ability to feel and reconnect with your own inner guidance system.
  • Learn how to allow inspiration to lead you on your way.

Session 4 

Determining your life purpose
  • Reclaim your power from your old, wounded stories.
  • Give direction to your life by determining what would make it meaningful to you.

Session 5 

Clarifying your vision 
  • Express your heart’s true desires in your work.
  • Envision the world you want to live in based on the fundamental truth of who you are.

Session 6 

Discovering your inspired work 
  • Crystallize your personal guiding principles.
  • Embrace your purpose and vision as the real work you are here to do in the world.

Vision 2: Creating your inspired work

You have more to offer the world than you might think – you were born with valuable gifts. You may have forgotten what they are, but you have them. And you have dreams – big dreams. Perhaps you have forgotten those, too? Throughout this module, you will remember as they become the seeds of the ideas for your inspired work.

Session 1

Embodying your vision
  • Integrate your vision into every aspect of your own life.
  • Revisit your life experiences in how they have positioned you to do the work you are here to do.

Session 2

Being you
  • Identify your unique set of strengths and abilities.
  • Recognize your valuable gifts and how you can use them in service to others.

Session 3

Dreaming big
  • See dreaming as the necessary act to birthing new ideas.
  • Get into a receptive state and let your grand ideas flow and your desire run wild.

Session 4

Exploring new ideas
  • Learn how to innovate and evolve your original ideas.
  • Investigate the environments that help you connect your ideas with others.

Session 5

Creating your work
  • Familiarize yourself with your own creative process.
  • Understand the requisite conditions for you to create and put yourself in them.

Session 6

Declaring your mission
  • Affirm the work that only you are here to create.
  • Acknowledge the experience you are building for others and the impact your work will have.

Vision 3: Living your inspired work

This is when it gets really exciting – when your work becomes real. Throughout this module, you will develop your unique offering and build the support that will help you continue your journey long after the program is over. We close by celebrating you and honouring the decision you made to bring your inspired work to life.

Session 1

Developing your pilot project
  • Choose one of your many potentials as the starting point to create your unique offering.
  • Adopt an iterative approach to developing your pilot project.

Session 2 

Being seen 
  • Embrace the vulnerability of sharing your inspired work with others.
  • Employ a cyclical feedback system to help grow your work.

Session 3

Willing to be successful
  • Honour the inevitable failures as the pathway to success.
  • Determine your own measures of success and allow in your own abundant energy.

Session 4

Connecting with your resources
  • Gather the resources you need to grow your work.
  • Learn how to ask for support and help from a place of trust and non-attachment.

Session 5

Leading the way
  • Offer your valuable contribution to those who are meant to be served by your work.
  • Build community to support the evolution of your work.

Session 6

Celebrating your journey
  • Reflect upon the incredible journey you’ve taken.
  • Commit to yourself and the continued living of your inspired work.

From some of the brave souls who dared to go on the adventure...  

The Vision Program was not just a program, it was an experience – of self-discovery and self-awareness. I was asked questions I never thought to ask myself and to look at things from a very different perspective, from deeper within myself.

Grace Lee

The Vision Program is endlessly thoughtful and gets to the root of what is holding us back from living our lives with joy and inspiration and doing the work we are here to do.

Melissa Quantz

The Vision Program is very well laid out, every week I was eager to discover more about myself and the journey that I was on. Now knowing my purpose, vision, and mission, I’m excited to see what the future holds.

Jesse Pauls

I have been dancing around my work for years, doing anything and everything to avoid actually doing it. The Vision Program gave me the courage to finally look my work in the eye, name it, and own it! Your work is yours and no one else’s – no one can do it better than you.

Vanessa Sheren

Coming out of the Vision Program, I am a stronger, braver, more empowered woman. I am now clear about my personal strengths, my values, and my purpose in life – and how I will use all of those things as I continue to create the work I love and that has meaning to me.

Jory Miller

The Vision Program program helped me zone in on what gave my life joy, and also to enjoy the process of my discovery. This is a life-transforming program, it made me go into myself fearlessly. I realized that ‘I am’ the gift I am here to give the world, now my challenge is to live that out.

Cecilia Chen

Embark on your journey to discover, create, and live your inspired work.

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Say yes to your inspired work. Say yes to being you.

If you are ready to go on the adventure of creating work that allows you to be all of who you are and share all of what you have to offer to the world, then join the Vision Program online starting October 2024.

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