Visionary Creators Connective

A collective of vision-centred creators who want to connect and be supported in their creative journey.

It’s perfect timing that you are here.

Here on this page and here on the planet.

We are about to enter into the most creative and innovative time in the history of humanity. Each of us is being called upon to bring forth new ideas, new creative projects, and new kinds of work that are going to shape how we move forward. Your creativity is needed now more than ever.  

Yes, it’s my time to create

Create with confidence

Release those internal fears of doubt and limitation and what will emerge is your true creator self and the trust in your ability to realize your dreams.

You’ve got this.

Tap into group wisdom

We don’t have to know it all, thank goodness. When we share our collective stories and experiences, we gain access to all the resources we need to do our work.

We’ve got you.

Celebrate your progress

Declare your next inspired action, be accountable, and take steps to move forward in the journey of bringing your work to life.

Let’s get going.

The inspiration for this community

In the thirteen years I’ve been walking beside people through the Vision Program, helping them get clear about the work they are here to create, whenever we reach the end of the program, I hear the same comment over and over again, “I don’t know if I can continue this journey without your support.” I used to smile and say, “Of course you can.” Because I know with my whole being that every human is a powerful creator and is capable of bringing their work to life. What I forgot was that sometimes we get in our own way and sometimes it’s much more fun to do it in the company of others.

I created the Visionary Creators Connective as a platform for creators to connect and to offer the continued support we all need in the ongoing journey of creating and living our inspired work.

Visionary: One who imagines new possibility.
Creator: One who takes action to make ideas real.
Connective: A place where people gather to connect, support, and celebrate each other on their creative journeys.

Join now

Creators gotta create.


Whether you are a fledgling entrepreneur, a seasoned business owner, an artist, a writer, a coach, a wellness practitioner, an inventor, a maker, an educator, an organizer, or you simply have a really cool idea you want to make real...


This experience is for all creators who want to be supported in bringing forth their inspired work. The creative journey is not a one-off, it’s an ongoing evolutionary process. This is why inspired work always feels like an adventure. As you grow in your work, your work grows with you. New ideas will continue to emerge, ideas that want to be created through you. It takes commitment and consistency to bring a new idea to its full fruition. For some ideas, it may be weeks or months, for others it may be years.

During that time, you are going to bump up against barriers, both those within and without. These barriers may be experienced as frustrations, however, they are actually indicators of new possibilities that have not yet been realized by you. That’s already some good news, right? It’s time to part ways with your old friends ‘doubt’ and ‘limitation’ and make new friends – friends who see your magnificence and who know no bounds to the possibilities for you.

Your creative journey is going to open you to receiving more – more energy, more joy, and more fun.

It is inspiring to nurture and grow something from the seed of an idea you have planted. When you are creating, you are in your most natural, allowing state and that life-giving energy coming through you not only flows into your creations, it lightens the world. This is exactly why you are here.

If you would like to be supported in your journey, join the creator connective and let’s get to work.

Let’s create, friend

This experience will serve you best when:

  • You are creating work in alignment with who you really are
  • You have a creative idea, project, or business you are currently working on
  • You may be developing any new offering such as product, service, or program, launching a new business, evolving your role within your organization, seeding a new initiative, or conceiving an artistic endeavour of any kind
  • You know that connection will help you evolve your creative project
  • You have made the decision to prioritize your creative journey and you want a way to stay accountable to yourself
  • You are clear about the next steps in your creative journey and you want to receive support and encouragement
I’m clear, let’s get creating!
I’m not clear yet, but I’d love to get clear!

Give your creations the conditions to come to life.

One of the most common reasons why people’s creations don’t come to fruition is that they don’t put themselves into the conditions for creating. Your particular conditions are unique to you and your creative process, however, what is common to everyone is that we all need dedicated time and space so that we can nurture our creations to grow.

Another reason we struggle is that we try to go it alone at a time when what we need most is support. Your journey is bound to be dotted with trials and tribulations, others may have skills and resources that can help. It’s good to have the support of those who are on a similar path.

Sherry Akef

Being a part of this community has given me the safe container and invaluable support I need to ground my visions, be fully heard and acknowledged by like-minded people, in what oftentimes feels like a lonely and vulnerable process of personal and professional growth.

Seeded Nutrition

Hanna Rakowska

The life of an entrepreneur can be lonely, overwhelming, and lacking in accountability. This community has changed all of that for me. Being surrounded by heart-centred entrepreneurs, I feel inspired, empowered, supported, and challenged on a professional, spiritual, and intellectual level.

Back to Balance

Jessie Turner

Joining this community has been a great asset to my business. I feel a sense of camaraderie with the other members, I appreciate and benefit from the accountability of regular check-ins, and I value the insights into where I can learn, grow, and find solutions to my challenges.

Jessie Phoenix

We may not always be together, but we are in this together.

The creative journey can feel isolating. Some people thrive in solitude, some people wither. There are times to be in your own process and there are times to share your journey with others. If for nothing else than finding some comic relief about the mutual challenges of creatorship.

Along with having some good laughs (and the occasional cry), there are many benefits to connecting with other conscious creators.

  • Feel supported by like-hearted visionaries
  • Build confidence and trust in your own creative process
  • Be accountable in your creative process
  • Break through barriers that are holding you back 
  • Be in a safe space to share your personal challenges
  • Get valuable feedback
  • Access to shared resources
  • Learn from group wisdom
  • Celebrate your wins
  • Honour your failures
  • Stay inspired
  • Connect with conscious community
  • Keep your energy flowing
  • Get clarity about your next steps
  • Embody your commitment to your creative projects
  • Gain valuable insights into your own journey
  • Embrace the times when you’re not feeling inspired
  • Encourage each other
  • Bring your work to life

What this is not:

A group coaching or peer coaching experience.

What this is: 

A container for you to access and contribute to collective wisdom.

What you can look forward to:

Every creator cycles through ups and downs in their process. This is expected. The intention of this group experience is to help you bridge those times. This community will soothe you when you’re feeling stuck and will ride the wave of excitement with you when you’re in the flow.

LIVE online gatherings

  • Join monthly group Zoom meetings where we will meet “face-to-face”, structured to make the most of our time together
  • Opt-in to semi-monthly creative work parties so you can build your creative habits
  • Participate in conscious conversations that bring insights and breakthroughs
  • There may be the occasional spontaneous dance party to get the energy moving (shoulder shimmying is perfectly okay, too)

Creative inspiration at your fingertips

  • Have 24/7 access to the interactive community platform
  • Listen to community-exclusive podcast episodes full of gems and insights about the creative journey as shared by members
  • Participate in monthly challenges designed to help you keep moving forward
  • Access a growing archive of useful resources specifically for creators

Benefit from collective wisdom

  • Encourage each other by sharing your successes (and your failures – we honour those, too) in the “celebration circle”
  • Connect in a private online community forum
  • Share your personal experiences and gain insights from others sharing their own
  • Learn useful tips and tools from others who are also living the creator life

Let’s get this creative energy flowing.

It is chaotic times on our planet, however, in the releasing of all of our old stories and old systems, we have freed vast amounts of creative energy. This energy needs to be directed into new channels so it has somewhere to flow. This is the work of the creator.

I have been supporting people in discovering, creating, and living their inspired work for well over a decade now. Everything I have experienced and learned has helped me so that I could be of service right here, right now as humanity steps across this threshold. I am committed more than ever to supporting people in bringing in new kinds of work that will serve us all as we move forward into this new world.

Let’s get creating, shall we?

Yes, let’s do it!

Bring your work to life

Join the Visionary Creators Connective.

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You’re living in the moment

  • Weekly LIVE meetings
  • Creative inspiration to keep your energy flowing
  • 24/7 access to a private online platform for connecting and sharing resources
  • Invaluable support on your creative journey

Monthly payments while you’re subscribed.

Join the community



You’re committed to your journey

  • All the goodness of the monthly membership with the benefits that come from a long-term commitment to your creative journey
  • Save 15% (for the year) for your commitment
  • Receive a special gift to keep you inspired throughout the year

One-time payment for the year.

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You want more personal support

  • All the goodness of the monthly membership
  • PLUS a one-to-one 30-minute private coaching session each month to focus on your specific needs and challenges
  • Personal feedback on your creative project

Monthly payments while you’re subscribed.

Join the community

Pack your bag with your best insights, stories, and wisdom – and let’s get creating.

Your membership supports others in their journey

Partial proceeds of your monthly membership are donated to Girl in the Wild, an organization dedicated to providing confidence-building camps for teenage girls so they, too, can realize their dreams.

Not yet clear?

If this sounds like a community you’d love to be a part of, but you’re not yet clear on the work you feel inspired to create, then you may want to explore VISION LIGHT to shed some light on your path.

If you are ready to start the journey to getting clear about your inspired work, this exploratory class is ready for you. Click here to learn more.

What else you might want to know

Speaking of visionary creators, images on this page were created by the incredible Bobbi Barbarich.

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