Don’t act until you are inspired to act

When we feel uninspired to do something, we tend to believe the solution is to apply more effort through action. We attempt to boost our energy by forcing ourselves to move, but this is operating from a state of lack – lack of desire, lack of energy, lack of ideas, lack of interest, and lack of clarity. To overcome this apathy, we goad ourselves by using motivating factors such as money or goals to incite desire, but the resulting action is short-lived. We may stick with whatever it is for a little while, but we lose interest quickly. This is the limitation of motivation. Without tapping into our true source of power, our actions are ineffective.

Inspiration comes first. Action second.

In contrast, when we are inspired, we are operating from a state of fullness – heartfelt desire, boundless energy, brilliant ideas, keen interest, and stunning clarity. It’s obvious that this is a much more advantageous place to engage from. Inspired action is also sustainable because as long as we maintain the feeling of being inspired, we have the energy to act.

Inspiration comes from alignment

Connection with our source of energy comes from focusing within. When we are in alignment with our inner being, we become an open channel to receive and flow energy into the manifest world. This is what it means to be inspired. We access a power that goes far beyond our singular capacity – we tap into the energy that creates worlds. When we learn how to allow this connection, we can create in our lives with much more ease and grace. All kinds of ideas occur to us, an abundance of opportunities present themselves, the right people appear, and the path ahead unfolds seemingly effortlessly.

How to align with your inner being

When you don’t feel inspired, instead of reacting with more strained effort, pause to reconnect with who you really are. You might want to:

Give yourself permission to stop being so “busy”
If you are being honest with yourself, you are aware that your constant “busy-ness” is not really achieving your desired outcomes, anyways. And if you are busy doing things you don’t really want to do, you are draining energy that you could use to do the things you truly want to do. It takes great courage, however, to stop for a while and take the time to realign, especially in a world that values doing over being. I promise you, however, if you take a breather, your life won’t fall apart. And if it does, perfect, it needed to.

Connect with your purpose, vision, and mission for your life
This is about being clear about why you are here and what is the impact you wish to have on the world. For you. Not for others, for you. You can only truly live your life for yourself, otherwise you become dependent on others for giving your life meaning. If you do that, your fulfillment will always be temporary because if you have given others the power then they also have the power to take. When you connect with what your life is about for you, then you feel inspired and you have access to a constant stream of energy that allows you to be in generous service to others.

Understand your inherent value is not proportional to “what you are doing” in the world
Again, we live in an action-focused world that assigns value based on external measures. Does that mean if I stopped doing everything that I am no longer a worthy being? Of course not, that’s ridiculous. You are valuable, no matter what. Liberate yourself from proving your worth and simply be. Being you is the highest gift you can give, anyway.

Rediscover your experience of joy
Sometimes we need to do things to help remind us of our natural state of inspiration. Break away from your obligations and do only that which you truly want to do. Ask yourself what would feel good to do, not because it would result in any outcome, but simply because it would feel good. If you cannot do the things you want to do, just imagine them and allow yourself to feel good, anyways. Feeling good is the indicator of flowing energy. The more you flow, the more momentum you build, and the more inspired you feel.

Examine where you are creating resistance in your life and let it go
You can identify resistance by anywhere that you feel negative emotion. Those emotions indicate that we are blocking ourselves from receiving the natural flow of energy. Notice the thoughts are you thinking that create tension, fear, sadness, or anger. Find a way to look upon those same subjects from a different perspective that allows you to soften the resistance. The less the resistance, the more the energy flows.

Act from inspiration

Once you have done the work of aligning with your inner being, you will feel inspired. You know you are inspired when:

  • You are buzzing with energy
  • Ideas and opportunities are flowing to you constantly
  • You want to take action, you can’t imagine not doing so
  • There is genuine desire, not pretense
  • Your next steps are obvious to you
  • The timing feels right, you know now is the time

The next time you feel uninspired, before you jump into action, take the time to reconnect with yourself and allow the energy to flow. When you are inspired, then take action. You will be surprised and delighted by what happens.

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