Shifting paradigms: A new worldview

The upheaval and chaos of our times are simply the breaking down and clearing of that which is no longer necessary. It is the releasing of the old ways of being that no longer serve us. The old ways of thinking that no longer support our greatest good. The old systems that no longer suit our needs. The old beliefs that limit our evolution. This release of what’s old is creating space for new creations, for a whole new world. 

Old paradigm

The old paradigm of duality is based on the model of separateness. It is where we exist as discrete beings without any relationship to each other, our external environment, or the source of creation. We see the world as “out there”. We believe we are destined to live as objects wandering aimlessly throughout a finite linear existence, from birth to death. This viewpoint suggests we live in a static universe over which we have no influence.

In this unchanging universe there are only finite resources available to us – only so many jobs, a limited amount of money, a fixed number of opportunities. In this scenario, we are all in competition to get our share of the whole. If we operate within this belief system, we determine that it’s a struggle to get what we need. 

Some argue there is a reality to finiteness. A common example given is about energy, as in the types of resources we use to fuel our homes, our cars, our planet. The argument being there are only so many natural resources and eventually we will run out. This may be true, but the limitation in this example is the rationale that fossil fuels and other land-based resources are our only source of energy. There are already numerous people worldwide who are directing their attention towards investigating and innovating new sources of energy. It would be difficult to believe that we have an entire universe before us and our teeny, tiny planet contains the only source of all energy.

In this old paradigm, we are cut off from the source of creation, and therefore unable to harness the power of that which creates worlds. This restricted flow of energy causes us to feel as though it is scarce. Our views on limited resources mirrors our views of our own limited access to energy.

Our current economic system is also based in scarcity, which is cause to celebrate its looming demise. In this system, items only have value because they are perceived to be limited. We artificially create desire by pretending there’s not enough for everyone. Fear of not enough is what begets greed. Fear that we are not enough is what begets greed.

We like to promote the idea that we are not enough without our “things”, but this only amplifies this endless desire for acquisition. If we approach our economy coming from this place of lack about who we are, we even believe that we must prove our own worthiness to receive, which creates further duality. Disconnected from the source of all creation, we believe we are powerless to have what we want. So to get what we want, we have to take it from others.

To live in this framework of poverty is to focus on “getting”. The questions we ask are:

  • Where do I get a job?
  • How can I get money?
  • What can I do to get my share?
  • What do I do to get success? 

We find ourselves fighting for a proverbial piece of the pie. It never occurs to many that instead of fighting for their piece of the pie, they can just bake their own pie.

New paradigm

The new paradigm of unity is based on the model of integration. It is where we all originate from and are always connected with the source of creation, as both the creator and the creation. Where we are infinite beings who exist both in our physical experience and in our nonphysical experience, both in the present and for all eternity. We are in the world, and the world is in us. From this viewpoint, we interact with and are at play in a dynamic universe.

In this expanding universe, there are infinite resources available to us, a constant growth, and we are able to create according to our desires. We can innovate the work we want, generate the abundance we imagine, and all potentials are available to us. When we know our true power as creators, we trust we will always have what we need, when we need it. We are then free to allow others in having what they need because there is no competition for resources. There’s also no need to “earn” our rewards. We do not have to strain to overcome our deficits so that we are deserving. We are deserving simply because we exist. 

Consider Rumi’s ode to the Sun:

And still, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth,
“You owe me.”
Look what happens with love like that.
It lights up the sky.

Not only are we learning new ways to work with energy in the physical realm, we are also beginning to expand our understanding of energy in the nonphysical realm. There is more energy coming to Earth now than ever before. We are learning to access these energies that are always available to us, but have not yet been utilized from a fully conscious state. The first step to working with energy is to acknowledge its existence and to trust that it is here to serve us, just as the Sun.

This change in perspective impacts how we move through the world. Instead of having to make things happen, we learn how to allow things to happen. From a state of receptivity, we consciously direct energy into creating that which we desire. There is an infinite amount of resources available to us, there is no end to creation. This connection empowers us for collaboration with others.

To live in a framework of abundance is to focus on ”being”. The questions then become:

  • What is it I have to offer?
  • What would be fun to create?
  • What is it that wants to be birthed through me?
  • Which variety of pie would I like to bake today?

We are at the end of the era of the old paradigm and at the beginning of the creation of a whole new world. Even though we are living into this new paradigm, the old paradigm still exists. The physical systems in place are complex and will take longer to catch up with consciousness. For a little while yet, we will continue to walk with a foot in both worlds. In the mean time, happy baking, everyone.

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