The “Great Declaration” for our Work

This era of work is being dubbed as the “Great Resignation”. Millions of people around the world are leaving their jobs saying they will no longer tolerate doing work that is not meaningful to them. They will no longer exchange their life for a pittance of income. They will no longer serve something that is not aligned with who they truly are. And there are millions more right on their heels.

However, what’s unfolding is much more than a resignation – it is a declaration. A declaration of our own worthiness, of our sovereignty, and of alignment with our own truth.

Whatever you want to call it, it’s all very exciting.

The last two years provided the perfect conditions for many of us to reassess the direction of our lives. Our routines were interrupted for a very good reason – those patterns were no longer serving us. We needed something to wake us from our reverie. We had been asking for change on a consciousness level and now the opportunity for change is here, especially in our work.

The work we had been doing previously was based on choices made from the perspective of an old paradigm based in lack and limitation. This is not anyone’s fault, it’s just the way it was. Not anymore. We are resigning from that old story and declaring a new story, one based in possibility and freedom. We are at the inception of this new paradigm and what we want now for our work is changing.

We want work to be meaningful

A massive desire has been stoked in the hearts of humans to do work that is grounded in purpose. This is not about finding a cause in the world to fight for, it is about finding an inner truth to live for – our truth. What makes work meaningful is when we are living in alignment with our true selves. Each of us must work to remember the truth of who we are.

We want work to provide opportunities for us to share our unique strengths, gifts, and talents

Every human comes into this lifetime born with innate abilities that are uniquely ours to give. Fulfillment in our work comes from being who we are in service to others for their benefit. It is the greatest reward to know that being exactly who we are is our true value in this world. Each of us must work to identify what it is that makes us amazing and then offer it.

We want new, more inspiring kinds of work

We are the fortunate generation who gets to experience a time of innovation like we’ve never seen before in our history. Humanity is evolving and so must our work. We are the ones responsible for bringing forth the next generation of work. It must be work that comes from within who we are. Each of us must create our inspired work.

We want to thrive

We are tired of the struggle that comes with living from a “just enough” consciousness. We don’t want to eke out a living. We want to flow life-giving, boundless energy through our being so that we are living the plentiful, nourishing, and joyful life that we intended. Each of us must work to embrace a “thrive” consciousness.

We want to make our valuable contribution

On the surface it may appear that things in the world are going horribly wrong, but they’re not. Far from it. We are simply immersed in the chaos of a great transformation. It is not the time to shy away from your real work, it is the time to lean into it, to show up as it. To make your work be an essential part of the greater whole. Each of us must contribute to the birth of a whole new world.

As you can see, we have a lot of work to do. There is no one going to do this for us, it is up to each of us. Put your hand up if you are choosing to be a part of the “Great Declaration”. You have the freedom to live in a new way for yourself and for a new planet.

What is the old story of work you are resigning from?

What is the new story of work you are declaring for yourself?

Make this the era of your personal “Great Declaration”. Be bold. Name it. Claim it. And then go ahead and live it. The ripple effect for your future, and also for humanity, from what you declare now for yourself will be extraordinary.

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