The key stages to discovering your inspired work

So many of us seek inspiration outside of ourselves, when in fact, it can only come from within. Your work is not “out there” – it comes from within you. Your only real “job” is to get into alignment with who you really are. When you do, you open to a source of energy that sets you on fire.

In this video, I share my story about rediscovering my own inspiration and how you can use the stages of the journey to inspired work as a way to spark your own burning desire. The stages include:

  • Reclaim your power
  • Trust yourself
  • Be self-directed
  • Find meaning
  • Own your value
  • Let desire flow
  • Accept your role as a creator
  • Make your contribution
  • Live your truth
  • Embrace the adventure

If you want to discover the work that makes you feel lit up from within, then join me for The 5-day Inspired Work Challenge.


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