Whose work do you celebrate?

There are tremendous new potentials being called through us at this time and I perceive us to be the generations who are responsible for creating the work of the future.

“Seek and celebrate the innovation and the evolution. It needs to be seen by us to grow.”
~ Lee Harris

These words struck a chord with me. If you don’t know who Lee Harris is, he refers to himself as an intuitive guide and transformation teacher. I enjoy listening to his monthly energy updates and this month he spoke to the importance of focusing our attention on the innovation and evolution that is currently happening on our planet.

At a time when it’s easy to get caught up in despair brought on by the dismantling of the old paradigm, he reminds us that our “energy generates” so it is to our benefit to turn our gaze and celebrate the wonderful creations that are emerging in the new paradigm.

I agree with what Lee Harris intimated, which is that it is our responsibility to give our energy to what we want to see realized in the world. It is through our focused awareness that we determine the direction in which consciousness expands.

It’s no surprise that I view this through the lens of work. I feel blessed to be able to support those who are doing the brave thing of bringing something new into the world. I’m always eager to learn about others who are also birthing new ideas and expanding the leading edge of our existence.


Nominate someone who inspires you

My invitation to you is to nominate a person, organization, or a business who is bringing something new and inspiring into the world. The benefit of shining a light on them is twofold. First, the more we look for good in the world, the more we find. It perpetuates a state of optimism about the future of humanity. Also, by highlighting their work through our various channels is a way for us to continue witnessing and supporting the expansion.

What constitutes “innovative” and “evolutionary” is subjective and it is your choice to highlight anyone whose work is meaningful to you. As a suggestion, your nominations might meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Sharing a new voice
  • Providing a fresh perspective
  • Making a novel contribution
  • Transcending convention
  • Creating something original
  • Offering a unique expression
  • Expanding the boundaries of what we believe is possible
  • Promoting conscious living
  • Leading us into the future

This invitation is open to include any field of work from Accountancy to Zoology. It could be a new advancements in technology or it could be tapping into a new way for humans to connect with each other and our environment. The innovation does not necessarily have to be happening on a large scale nor does the person or organization need to be well-known. Many are having a tremendous impact within their close communities or chosen professions. By all means, please do nominate yourself and/or your organization if you believe this is you.

Feel free to submit as many nominations as you’d like.

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