You are at the centre of your vision

At a time when the world feels at odds, there is an understandable urge to want to effect change. However, as individuals, we have no power to change others. We do have the ability to change how we show up in the world. Your impact emanates from who you are being. And who you are being is determined by your vision.

Your vision is a core guiding principle for your life. It is “self-centred” because it is an expression of your truth. You clarify your vision by identifying what it is your heart truly desires. Not the piddly needs of the mind, like a nice home and a fast car, but the grand desires that inform all of life – such as love, creativity, freedom, and joy.

If you are not yet able to clearly connect with what it is your heart truly desires, it can be an illuminating assignment to create a vision board.


A vision board is a valuable tool when used correctly

I created my first vision board fifteen years ago and have been keeping it up ever since. At the beginning of each year, I revisit my board and discard those elements that feel outdated or no longer relevant and replace them with new images that feel most “alive” in the moment.

Many people crinkle their nose at the idea of creating a vision board. It may seem hokey, but that’s because they’re often used in a superficial way. A vision board is not meant to be a collection of shiny baubles you want to accumulate or ego-driven accolades for your achievements, it is actually a visual representation of your heart’s deepest desires.

Download the Vision Board assignment here.

When you step back to reflect upon the images on your vision board, look deeper than the physical objects. Feel into the experiences those images represent. Your dream home may represent a longing for ease or a sense of belonging. Photos of travels may represent a wish to live in the moment or to be free. Food may represent a need to feel nourished or to enjoy the sweetness of life. That fast car may be a thirst to live boldly beyond limits.

The purpose of a vision board is not to notice the absence of the things you want, but to become aware of the presence of the feelings you desire.

I invite you to pay special attention to the element you put in the middle. Over years of reviewing other people’s vision boards as one of their assignments in the Vision Program, I noticed something interesting. Most people tend to subconsciously place their most heartfelt yearning in the centre of their board.

Currently, the centre of my board is not an image, but a literal message. It is a cutout from a magazine that says “open up to freedom”. It is a keen reminder of what it is I am wanting to live into at this time in my life. It also informs my work in a meaningful way.


The benefits of living a vision-centred life

While a vision is self-centred, it is not selfish. A true vision is based upon a fundamental truth that is favourable to every human. Your vision is about you, but it is expressed in a way that your life becomes in service to everyone. Living according to your vision helps to:

  • Keep you centred in your truth
  • Provide guidance to your decision-making
  • Inspire your actions
  • Give meaning to your life
  • Invite you into expanded possibility
  • Shape your reality

When you embody your desires and radiate as your truth, you will notice the world around you actually starts to become the realization of your vision. As National Geographic photographer, Dewitt Jones, says, “Our vision controls our perception, and our perception becomes our reality.”

It is a beautiful infinite loop where as you live it, you experience it, and thereby it serves others by offering them the opportunity to have the same experience and allowing them to realize their heart’s deepest desires can also be fulfilled.


Gain insight about your vision

If you’d like to meet with me over Zoom for a personal one-to-one review of your vision board and explore what it means for your work and for your life, then click the button below to send me your message.

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