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Inspiration is... not motivation

Moving tips for relocating to a new work “town”

Create community with those who are in harmony with your heart

It ain’t easy being a creator

Befriend your fear and invite it to join you

What to do when your heart is not in your work

Superpowers of the Soul Podcast: Discover your Inspired Work

There is a bigger game for us to play

Your value is not in the money you earn

Self-discovery work is not indulgent, but self-doubt is

No one will ever see your most important work

Is your job making you sick?

Clarity of vision is essential to living an inspired life

Confessions of a creative “commitment-phobe”

To create using AI is to deny the world your unique expression

Your “real” work doesn’t require effort

To live your inspired work, you have to risk a broken heart

Only one of these questions will help you find the purpose you seek

Two things you need to bring your work to its full realization

Transform your creative blocks into the fuel that brings your work ...

Do you let your dreams live or kill them with “reality”?

5 half-truths about creating your inspired work

A recipe for work made with love

Have you chosen work from your wound or your desire?

Uncover your old patterns to reveal the new

Burnout is a blessing in disguise

Give your true gifts this holiday season

6 stories keeping you stuck in your old job

Whose work do you celebrate?

Aligning your work with your core values

You are at the centre of your vision

The key stages to discovering your inspired work

How to discover your work when you feel lost

Nobody wants to work anymore. Or do they?

Feeling inspired is your natural state of being

What it takes to venture out onto your own path

Let the story of “suffering” drop away

The creative journey can be better together

Clarity comes not from seeking the answers but living the questions

5 classic books about discovering your inspired work

The real reasons we work (it’s not just about money)

Let’s play the game of possibility

Creating work that is the truest expression of who you are

The lessons I wish I had learned at school to prepare me for my rea...

Why clarifying your vision is so important – and so hard

5 questions to ask yourself before you quit your job

The most inspired thing I’ve ever created

Fully cooked: How the pressure of the pandemic transformed me into ...

The “Great Declaration” for our Work

Don’t act until you are inspired to act

Shifting paradigms: A new worldview

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